Naresh T. Gunaratnam, MD

Dr. Gunaratnam completed his GI fellowship at the University of Michigan and an Advanced Endoscopy fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. He has served as president of the Michigan GI society for 7 years and currently serves on the executive board of Digestive Helath Physician Association is chair of health policy. He joined Huron Gastro in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1999 and established the EUS program. He is director of clinical research and started the Wellness Program in 2017. He has authored over 30 peer reviewed publications while in private practice and co-authored an an article entitled “Establishing an Effective Weight Loss program in a Community Practice (Clinical Gastro August 2019,Volume 17:9:1669-72). He served on the AGA task force to develop obesity treatment as a service line. The Huron Gastro Wellness program has managed over 350 patients to date with a cumulative weight loss of over 6,200 pounds. The 6 month outcomes on the first 100 patients were presented at the 2019 ACG meeting and  demonstrated that 63% of the patients had lost at least 10% of their total body weight (reverses NAFLD) and the presentation was recognized as as a presidential abstract (top 5%) The Wellness program addresses nutrition, fitness, sleep and mental health to holistically approach weight loss. He was awarded the AGA distinguished physician in private practice in 2019.