Danny Zollars

Danny Zollars was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer at the age of 33 and found to have liver and lung metastases. He has undergone more than 30 surgeries and other procedures, 28 days of radiation therapy, weeks of hospital stays and months of chemotherapy to combat the disease. He was able to do all of this while being a part of two Stanley Cup Championships as the VP of Marketing for the LA Kings.

Danny’s battle against this horrible disease has been ongoing for more than 4 1/2 years, and he will spend the first two months of 2018 sitting in the chemo chair to hold back multiple tumors in his lungs. 

Needless to say, Danny has learned the ins and outs of the medical world and has a unique perspective he shares on his blog, Rectal Talk. It can be found at dannyzollars.tumblr.com

Danny currently works for Image Engineering as the Executive Vice President of the Western US where he specializes in sports and entertainment production. He resides in LA with his wife Amy and their daughter Zoe